VITRINE is focused on artist experimentation and development; material, process and installation led practice at its core.

VITRINE encompasses two parts: gallery and projects. The gallery was founded by Alys Williams in London in 2012, grown from the project space launched in 2010. VITRINE invites and fosters the development and presentation of new work in spaces in London, UK, and Basel, Switzerland; at art fairs internationally; and through off-site projects in collaboration with organisations and spaces including: Contemporary Arts Society, UK (2014), PHILLIPS, London (2014) and Hospital Club, London (2011).

Establishing a strong reputation as a selector and nurturer of new talent, VITRINE represents: Jonathan Baldock, Edwin Burdis, Justin Eagle, Tim Etchells, Clare Kenny, Wil Murray and Charlie Godet Thomas.

VITRINE’s spaces promote a new model of exhibition-making, encouraging experimentation and installation. Whilst enclosed behind glass, the works extend beyond its boundaries into the surrounding public space. Exhibitions viewable 24/7.

VITRINE commissions a public sculpture programme on Bermondsey Square (since 2014) and presents an array of events and experiences to enhance and support its programme; editions series; hosted screenings, performance events in public space, artist talks and panel discussions; studio visits; and art consultancy.